Bart Martens - Music of the Soul

Meditation Music

Sometimes, I like to think of music as landscapes that I watch while moving through life. I invite you to listen to my meditation music with that kind of attention, as if you were taken on a journey in your own imagination, allowing me to surprise you with beautiful views around each bend.

Based on a steady 50 beats per minute (or 0.8 hertz), my meditation music naturally slows down your heartbeat through an effect that is similar to what is called “phase synchronization”. On a deeper level, it also invokes higher vibrational emotions such as peace of mind, joy, surrender and acceptance.

I also include some shorter pieces that I call Landscapes, which are just little musical adventures.

Meditations 479

This music supports embracing the mystery of life and accepting the uncertainties, unknowns and unexpected turns

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Meditations 73

Based on small melodic contours similar to what mothers sing to their babies, this music provides comfort and transforms feelings of anger and distress into

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